Wave Of Conviction Ignite

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Latest update: 3.24 – Day 44 – May 12, 2024

This was my league starter for the 3.24 Necropolis Soft Core league. I hadn’t played an ignite build in a while and it seems to be the strongest ignite skill for a league starter.

I didn’t follow a particular build guide, I just looked at what most people did on poe-ninja and combined what was done on SC, HC, and SSFHC.

My entire defensive strategy was phys taken as element + Determination, Xibaqua, Immortal Flesh for life regen, some recoup and to get the cheap Defiance Of Destiny to round everything up. Unfortunately this unique drop rate was nerfed to the ground and was insanely expensive on league start.

I had a lot of fun until T16. Then my defenses were not strong enough to my taste. As I had invested in my defences, my DPS was not super fun neither and I couldn’t see using this build for strong T16 and try the T17.

How doe this build compare to the others?

TLDR: good map clear but slow, good dps up time on boss but low dps

Path Of Building with Gear and Gem Links


What I believe is reasonable to be ticked on:

  • Ignited, chilled, shocked, exposed to fire, covered in ash, branded, exposed

Conditional buffs not ticked:

  • Molten shell, flasks

Please visit this Google Sheet to see the main information and POB data I kept track of compared to the other builds.

Real Build Creators

So many! It’s a classic build used by many as a stepping stone to more powerful ignite builds such as Ethereal Knives Ignite. You can check MBXtreme videos as he did this build for several leagues and league started Wave of Conviction.

Zizaran has a great video and POB as usual. Also a written guide on Maxroll. To be honest, I should have probably tried to reproduce his build to the letter and it would have performed better, especially on the defensive end with Spell Suppression. But I was stubborn and wanted to make a few changes.

Popular Builds on poeninja

This version I played is pretty much the most common. Another popular version is using Vaal Flameblast as a secondary skill. There are some popular uniques I didn’t use such as Replica Dragonfang’s Flight, Polaric Devastation, Eye of Malice, etc.

Less popular is Chieftain to be a bit more tanky seeking the 90% all res but losing a lot of DPS.

My experience, my choices, my results, etc.


Defensive layers
    • HEALTH POOL. Life, Molten Shell when active.
    • MITIGATION. Armour, Phys taken as, Divine Flesh
    • AVOIDANCE. Nothing but attack block
    • RECOVERY. Life regen, Recoup
    • AILMENTS. Purity of elements, Corrupted blood immunity
    • STUN. Brine King
HC viable?

No my version and not me. I died 84 times. If I would push further, I would try to convert all phys damage taken as elem and chaos. I could loose determination and molten shell for immortal call. I could maybe get some more life and try to include spell suppress. But the road to get there would be perilous.

Zizaran’s version is HC friendly but it’s still a Witch and not the most optmized offensive archetype so racers are not choosing this type of characters in a race.


1,6 millions DPS with the brand and the self cast aura. It’s DOT damage and need to be re-applied every 2 seconds so it’s not that bad.


Normal pinnacle bosses – YES but I struggled

The Feared – Failed

Uber bosses – Not tried as access was quite annoying this league.

T17 – not tried, don’t think I could have.


Pretty straightforward. Press your Wave of conviction keybound for every pack and every 2 seconds (depending on your Ignite duration) on bosses. Ignite proliferation and the automatic Infernal cry will take care of your clear.

On bosses and tanky rares, cast an Arcanist brand which will cast automatically 3 debuffs: Flame Surge, Flammability, Elemental Weakness. The automatic Infernal Cry will also help debuff the boss.
Malevolence (on Divine Blessing) should be cast every 15 seconds (depending on your aura duration) to add some DPS.


Great! The Wave of Conviction doesn’t pollute the screen too much


Movement speed was bad, it’s pretty much the reason I got bored. I was thinking replacing Determination with Haste. Shield Charge helps.

For map clear speed, I would have tried to add explosions.


Not really, pretty straight forward.

Special interactions?

The only thing that I messed up was using the Replica Emberwake without enough Ignite Duration. I had equipped the ring too early and my Ignite Duration was too slow to be effective. After using the Cloak of Flame and a bit of investments in the tree, then it worked fine and my DPS was way better.

Before having enough phys taken as with Dawnbreaker and Cloak of Flame, use Determination instead of Malevolence.



Pretty cheap. Total cost is around 13.6 div based on the researches made on May 14, 2024 (day 46 of 3.24 Necropolis).

Economy is ever changing so you should take this with a grain of salt. Early leagues might see sometimes way cheaper or way more expensive. Visit the Google Sheet below to see all items and gems cost.

League starter?

Perfect build for league start as you can do this in HCSSF. It’s not super powerful or super tanky so you will feel the ceiling with red maps, especially when you start corrupting them and tempting your luck with dodgy mods.

SSF viable?

Not this version as I use a bit too many uniques. Zizaran’s version is.


Yes and no. I love Ignite build and the proliferation. Unfortunately, the low DPS, and slowness tired me out.


I often follow the same pattern on league start with Witch or Templar. Start with Rolling Magma lvl 1, add Holy Flame Totem and Flame Wall and use these 3 skills.
You can use the Wave of Conviction on lvl 16.

The rest of the progression is prettu natural. From all the uniques, the Immortal Flesh with ok rolls is often cheap on league start. The other uniques can be pricy on league start some good rare and Determination will be sufficient in the meantime.


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