Path of Exile


I’m Flo, I play Path Of Exile (POE) a bit too much. There are great build guides outhere but it’s hard to find the ones that are best for me. So I’m going to play these builds, tweaked them slightly, and compare them with as much info I find relevant.

About Me

  • Soft Core (SC) leagues and Solo Self Found Hard Core (SSFHC) private leagues.
  • SSF approach in SC – I try to trade as least as possible.
  • HC approach in SC – I hate dying and I can’t rely on my own skills.
  • Not my own builds – I’m a moron!
  • Builds “optimized” with my bad ideas for me only!
  • “Only” plays a couple of hours a day on average – Maybe a lot more on opening weekend 🙂

I started playing in 3.10 Delirum when work quieted down during the pandemic. I usually play a handful of builds each leagues. I usually kill all the uber bosses but it takes me 3-4 weeks to get there. I usually do 24+ challenges unless they’re too annoying. I dip my toes in the Gauntlet and other SSFHC private leagues and can sometimes finish the campaign.

I don’t stream nor I watch streamers. I don’t have a YouTube account. It’s just this website which I made mostly for myself and to use my free time in a more creative way. If you like it, it’s just a bonus!