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More information to compare

Please visit this Google Sheet to see all the information and data I kept track of.

Please take it with a grain of salt…

How do I score the builds

Each of the below 10 categories are scored from 0 to 10. The overall score is the total of these 10 categories for 100 potential points.


Based mostly on if I get one-shot. So I look at the total health pool: Life, Energy Shield (ES), Mana if Mind Over Matter (MOM); and mitigation (armour, resistances, suppression, phys taken as, fortify, etc.). As I’m not a big fan of avoidance (evasion, block, etc.) I don’t value them as high in my scoring.


Net life regen is my favourite as it’s almost unconditional. I do value recoup high as well. Leech and life gained on hit is always great to have but won’t save you if you run around like a chicken.


Mostly based on the fat number in POB and how it feels as sometimes the number can be deceptively low or high. How fast do I kill these tanky rares in maps?


How easy or hard was it to kill bosses? Enough DPS? Tanky enough? Fast enough? DOT, totems, brands would get some bonus points for a good DPS uptime.


Movement speed? Explosions? AOE? Chain? Many projectiles? Ailment proliferation? Still enough DPS for the tanky rare. How fast can I clear a map?


The higher the score, the cheaper the build. One of the least reliable score as it depends on the economy and when I played the build. For each build, I logged how much everything cost, check the Builds page.

If this build is viable as a league starter and in SSF help with this scrore.


Is this build a visual cancer? Can I see the pool of degen under me? Can I cook an egg on my graphic card? The higher the score the more invisible my skills are.


Movement Speed of course but also do I have a Leap Slam, Shield Charge, etc with a lot of Attack Speed? Do my onslaught, quicksilver, etc. up often?


What are the special interactions in this build? Do I need a PHD to play the build? Do I need to spend hours in POB with Cast On Critical Strike break points? Do I need to balance my attributes or resistances to get specific buffs? Do I need to micromanage spectres? Animate guardians?

My fun

Simply how much fun did I have to play this build. Did I enjoy the playstyle. Did I actually enjoy to level it? It will be often linked to all the above categories. But sometimes, even a bad build will be fun.