Dual Strike Of Ambidextry

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Latest update: 3.24 – Day 44 – May 12, 2024

This is the second build I butchered during the 3.24 Necropolis Soft Core league. I hadn’t played melee in a while and it looked like that besides Boneshatter,  Dual Strike Of Ambidextry was one of the strongest melee skill this league.

I didn’t follow a particular build guide, I just looked at what most people did on poe-ninja and combined what was done on SC, HC, and SSFHC.

I had never played with the defensive combo The Fourth Vow + Divine Flesh so I built my character around these items.

I had a lot of fun! It was refreshing to play melee. It’s a fast build leaping around with a pretty good attack speed. Fun started to dwindle when doing T17, pinnacle bosses and invitations because of the constant pressure to put the totems down.

I was able to clear the 5 T17 but I did die on the map mobs and bosses. To push this build further, I would focus either on DPS or even more defense. I would probably follow UBER_JOE / UberDan template.

How doe this build compare to the others?

TLDR: pretty good unless bossing is what you want to do.

Path Of Building with Gear and Gem Links


What I believe is reasonable to be ticked on:

  • 2 totems, curse, Onslaught, Adrenaline, Endurance charges, Leeching, Been hit, Maimed, Chilled, Intimitaded, 20 trauma stacks, Maximum pride effect

Conditional buffs not ticked:

  • Molten shell, flasks, frenzy

Please visit this Google Sheet to see the main information and POB data I kept track of compared to the other builds.

Real Build Creators

My favourite I wished I had found before I played so I could have copy/paste is this super tanky UBER_JOE endurance charge stacking version which I saw on this Uber Dan video.

aero and subtractem have video build guides for the CI Trickster ES stacking version which I’m assuming are stronger in all departments but maybe more expensive?

AlkaizerSempai played a Slayer strength stacking version which seems to be popular on YouTube.

Popular Builds on poeninja

On SC, the most popular version is Juggernaut Strength Stacking with a Paradoxica and a fast claw, as well as the classic strength statcking item (Iron Fortress, Replica Alberon boots, etc.).

There is also a Trickster ES stacking lightning conversion version with the Ephemeral Edge.

 Another popular version is a Champion version with the Perseverance belt and Brightbeak.

This Frostbreath Juggernaut version I’m playing is the most pupular in the HC, SSF and SSFHC. When it comes to defense, Eternal Damnation is a more popular option than The Fourt Vow.

My experience, my choices, my results, etc.


Defensive layers
    • HEALTH POOL. Life, Molten Shell when active.
    • MITIGATION. Armour, Max res, Phys taken as, Divine Flesh, The Fourth Vow Devout Chainmail, Unbreakable, Fortify.
    • AVOIDANCE. Nothing but the dual wielding block
    • RECOVERY. Leech, Life regen
    • AILMENTS. Purity of elements, Corrupted blood immunity
    • STUN. Unstoppable ascendancy
HC viable?

i died 20 times so not me! laughing Most of my deaths happened in T17 with Back to Basics, The Feared 70% quant, and other hard content. If farming T16 with compatible map mods, I would die as an average once per level (mostly skill issue or dodgy detonate dead).

I think it coud be viable in HC. There are quite a few in poe ninja.

Adding spell suppression would be great.

The Eternal Damnation version would be better. UBER_JOE / Uber Dan build would definitively be most immortal version possible.


5,2 millions DPS ater putting the 2 totems down and ramping to 20 trauma stacks.

It’s a melee build, so when you run around like a chicked to avoid boss abilities, it goes back down to 0 DPS. foot-in-mouth


Normal pinnacle bosses – YES

The Feared 70% quant with too many mods –  NO, not enough dps or tankiness to counteract my lack of skills.

Uber bosses – Not tried as access was quite annoying this league.


Leap slam into a pack, attack! Repeat!

If tanky rare, map boss or pinnacle, add the 2 totems.

Curse, Flasks, Ancestral Cry, Molten shell and Blood rage are automated.





Pretty good MS, hard to be slowed down with the Juggernaut ascendency.

Leap slamming around is good for mapping.

Clear speed could be better as you have to stop to each pack and there is no proliferation or explosions.


Not really, pretty straight forward. 

Special interactions?

Dual Strike of Ambidextry relies on Weapon 2 Attack Speed (AS).

So Weapon 1 can be quite slow, this is why Frostbreath Ornate Mace is a popular cheap choice. Weapon 2 can be a Siege Axe with high AS.




Total cost is around 47 div based on the researches made on May 12, 2024 (day 44 of 3.24 Necropolis).

Economy is ever changing so you should take this with a grain of salt. Early leagues might see sometimes way cheaper or way more expensive. Visit the Google Sheet below to see all items and gems cost.

League starter?

Yes-ish. It’s a transfigured gem so it can be quite annoying on league start.

It’s also a melee build relying on 2 good weapons for DPS which is quite annoying to upgrade while levelling.

Other than the main gem, everything else can be gradually obtained. This is a popular SSF build.

SSF viable?

This version is not SSF viable as I used a bunch of uniques.

However, there are some SSF version of this build still using Frostbreath Ornate Mace which is a reasonably common unique.

Defenses are scaled more traditionally with a high armor rare chest and leaning into spell suppress.


Yes and no. Refreshing to play melee but get tiring quickly as I’m not a big enjoyer of leap slamming, the totems, and running after moving targets.


As it was my second build, I bought the transfigured Dual Strike of Ambidextry gem. I made sure to have a fast off hand and the classic twink items.

Having good weapons is crucial while levelling so it can be annoying to upgrade.

It’s also a Precise Technique build so it’s important to make sure the Accuracy Rating is always higher than our Maximum Life to get the sweet 40% More Attack Damage.


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